Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's been a while

"Word of my demise has been premature "

It's been a while and many miles since my last entry. I've covered some remote sections of the PCT. The last few days have been hard, dirty and hot. Did I say, HOT! 100+ today in Acton. Along the way, there was an endangered mountain yellow frog detour. A poddle dog bush detour. The PCT like life, is filled with those miles that just have to be done. Sure there are the beautiful moments, stunning sunsets, incredible views, quiet forest paths. But, the hard miles need to be walked in life and also on the PCT.

The highlights of the last few days have included, passing the 400 mile mark. (Currently waiting for evening, night hike today and enjoying swimming pool at KOA in Acton. Mile 444.)

Reaching the summit of Mount Baden-Cook, named after founder of Boy Scouts of America. Elevation 9,497 ft.

The Waldron Tree
Admiring a limber pine located on Baden- Powell Spur, estimated to be 1500 years old.

Tasting refreshing high desert spring water at Little Jimmy Spring.

And completing a 28 mile day underneath an orange ski.

So many miles and so many more yet to be done. Every mile offers something to be learned.......

Hiking down into desert valley this morning, temps in the 100+ range. As I pushed along, I started considering my "why". At this moment, I am so tired I can't put together anything better then , "because I can".

Thanks for reading, stay cool😎
Rabbit on the PCT


  1. Good to hear from you...keep the faith

  2. Good to hear from you...keep the faith

  3. One foot in front or the other. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Cheering for you brother! Love reading the updates. Stay safe.

  4. Really good pics, Rabbit. Onward, ever onward!