Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kennedy Meadows

"That first kiss"

Close your eyes and imagine that moment. The moment you knew was coming, but not sure of when. It was a magical moment for me and I hope for her (Tara Sue). That moment when you leaned in and she (or he) closed their eyes and surrendered to that first kiss. The wonder of it all, life, the joy, the happiness.

The PCT revealed that moment to me today. It was an arduous climb, 2 miles, 3 miles, 6 miles, and then the moment was revealed to me. Mount Whitney and all the snow covered Sierra mountain tops. It was like that first kiss, revealed only to me, my moment. No pictures, just my moment, my memory. My first kiss, my first view of the Sierra's.

What a journey it has been, 702 miles, desert, desert and more desert. Windmills, windmills and more windmills. Liter after liter of filtered water.

The last few days have been a mixture of desolation and beauty. I broke camp this morning to this lovely desert scene.

And found these along the way.

My companion for the last 200-300 miles has been David (no trail name).
A wonderful example of what is right about American youth. He will be completing his senior year of study this Fall. His field of study is psychology/anthropology with an emphasis on primates. He will be leaving the trail at Kennedy Meadows. I will miss his wit, energy and friendship.

Now, I have arrived! Kennedy Meadows, PCT gateway to the Sierra's.

The desert has been endured, enjoyed, and completed. Now, the next part of the journey beckons....

Surrender to that first kiss and rejoice in its gift.

As always, thanks for reading.
Rabbit on the PCT

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  1. Hop on rabbit the journey is now and forever.