Monday, June 20, 2016

One of those Moments

"Help! Mr. Wizard"
Timothy Turtle

As a child I was enamored with a carton character named Timothy Turtle. Timothy had a insatiable sense of adventure. His ticket to adventure was a Wizard who could place Timothy wherever in time and place he wished. This as you might guess led to Timothy wishing for adventures which he couldn't handle, risking life and limb (or little turtle shell). Whenever situations got out of control Timothy would call out, "HELP ! Mr. Wizard!". The Wizard would always rescue the little turtle and provide a lesson in life in the process.

One of many water crossings. Nothing major today just hope it stays that way.

I was thinking about little Timothy as I traversed over Forester Pass today. "Help! Mr. Wizard! " was definitely on the tip of my tongue. At 13,200 feet of elevation, it is difficult even without the snow and ice which blanket the pass.

It's been a bit odd today, seeing things for a second time. I hiked the John Muir Trail about two years ago, covering this same trail. But, I hiked from North to South, whereas now I am going South to North. I miss my JMT hiking group ☹️

-Rabbit on the PCT

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