Friday, June 3, 2016

Night in the Desert

"I like the night. Without the dark, we would never see the stars."
Stephenie Meyer

The desert heat hit a high of 106, as we climbed down the Sierra Pelona mountains to a KOA in Acton. Not the most comfortable or safe time for hiking. So, the KOA in Acton was to be home for approximately 30 sunburned, dirty hikers. Not a terrible place to be. Swimming pool, wifi and food. A bit of a respite from the sun, time to mend and replenish body and spirit.

This rag tag group of modern day hobos gathered in small traveling tribes thru out the KOA grounds. Each tribe discussing strategies for dealing with the high temps. Do we spend the night and start fresh in the morning? Do we do a short late evening hike. Do we do a night hike and cover the 10 miles to the next desert oasis? Beer and medicinal marijuana made the decision for some folks.
Destination Hiker Heaven.

An afternoon of swimming, eating and beer drinking left just 3 of us able or willing to night hike. At 6pm I picked up my backpack and joined "freight train" and "hot fries" for a night hike. Our goal was to cover 10 miles. It was a remarkable trek, the desert color at sunset was amazing. The night sky was alive with the light of stars. Together with our headlights and light of the stars the path was illuminated. All the nocturnal desert creatures were surprised by our presence.

Cowboy camping, no tent , just a mat and sleeping bag. Above me a roof of stars. I am reminded of just how small a part I am of this universe. All the stars watch over me. Laying here under the stars, I am exhausted and happy about living.

Vasquez Rocks area

The dreaded poodle dog bush. A Southern California shrub, noted for secreting a severe skin irritant.

Update! A major fire is altering plans for the approach to the Sierra's. A major resupply point, Kennedy Meadows is unreachable. A number of alternative routes are being discussed.
On the PCT and in life, things change.

As always thanks for reading.
-Rabbit on the PCT

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