Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Yesterday’s Man

“We have become, yesterday’s man”
An Irish man on the Camino”

Another Magical day in the Camino. So many magical moments....

Mass at Sacre Coeur ... Nothing quite as enchanting as Mass in French. Seven nuns singing the chorus portion of Mass was what I would imagine it would sound like in heaven (should I make it therešŸ˜³).

Dinner table at Roncesvalles ... Germans, Koreans, Frenchmen, Hungarians and Californians. Drinking , laughing, sharing , eating and living.

Dinner at hostel on Saint Nicolas Bl. Vegetable soup, warm bread , veal and desert... Exquisite ...

Pamplona ..... Ooooo so many wows !
Finding Hemingway’s private bar in Cafe Iruna, Pintxos for the first time, Mass at Pamplona Cathedral in Spanish, Pintxos for lunch, a stroll to the bull rings...

A private moment in Puente del Reina viewing the statue of Saint James in Church of Santiago. We are welcomed in and our Camino passport stamped and allowed to roam the church in silence.

A quiet stroll in MaƱeru........

I chose not to be “yesterday’s man”.

Hasta maƱana


Location:Calle de Esperanza,MaƱeru,Spain

Monday, April 16, 2018


“My Fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control in them.”
Jack Kerouac

Update from the Camino.

A near-0 day into Pamplona , tomorrow a 0 day to explore Hemingway’s “rincon”.

Excellent time to reflect and provide update.

April 14th , on a sunny morning the journey began, Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles, via the Napoleon route. 24km, an amazing climb along green mountains and snow covered Pyrenean passes. A morning filled with the joyous movement of peregrinos,

Roncesvalles hostel was an experience in excellent hostel staff support. Check in, meals, even dirty clothes washed for 3.50euro. All done while I enjoyed a beer or two at local bar.

April 15th, Roncesvalles to LarrasoaƱa. 27.4 km, gentle rolling hills with a long, long , grueling descent. St. Nicolas hostel , the best 11euro diner ! The veg soup was delicious and combined with warm fresh bread to soak up the juice... incredible !

April 16th, LarrasoaƱa to Pamplona. 16.5 km, it rained last night and was gentle misting at start this morning. Made for muddy trails and lovely fresh landscapes. The moment I stepped beyond the outer wall of the city, I knew why Hemingway loved this place. The vibrant colors, the beautiful people, the energy embraced in the language , vino, pintxos and it goes on and on.....

Passion, live it !
Let others toil with fault and failure....

G on the Camino

Location:Calle de LindachiquĆ­a,Pamplona,Spain