Friday, June 17, 2016

Excuse me

"Excuse me, I am going to be vulgar"

The PCT is not without its ugly side, its obnoxious side, it's positively vulgar side. This late in the South to North hiking season, port -a-potties are near over flowing, water resources are depleted and trail Angels have reached the point of exhaustion. Businesses and locals have gone from amused and thankful for the business, to annoyed and hopeful for the end.

The PCT is not immune to the ills of society at large. Stupid human behavior is still stupid human behavior. Over drinking is still over drinking, and buffoons are buffoons.
The breakdown occurs at hiker waypoints, Warner Springs, Hiker Heaven, Casa de Luna, Hikertown , Kennedy Meadows and all the places in between. The physically injured, the mentally tired, the emotionally overwhelmed and the unmotivated. They can be found hitch hiking from waypoint to waypoint and lingering. Becoming a PCT experience unto themselves. Their goal may or may not have ever been to reach Canada. They may have over prepared or under prepared, or not prepared at all. They know all the the hiker terms, they have trail names (but may have rarely been on trail) , they are commonly found taking "near o's or zeros.

If a PCT thru hiker has any hope of finishing in Canada, they cannot become a part of this side show. It is not just the desert heat, Sierra snow or Washington rain, it is the lingering side show which must be climbed around and thru.

Forgive me for I am ranting. The jerk who set up his tent next to mine was one if not all of the lingering types I previously mentioned. So, rather then bore you with more about what I deem the ills of thru hiking. I will just tell you that I tore down my tent in the night and cowboy camped a safe distance from the source of my consternation. Whew ! Now I can go on with the rest of my hike😊

Tomorrow morning I will leave Kennedy Meadows and begin my journey into the heart of the Sierras. Looming ahead of me is snow covered Forester Pass, towering at an elevation of 13,200 feet.

Sorry for the rant, but like life, the PCT has its blemishes.

-Rabbit on the PCT


  1. Take heart Cousin. There are but a few who may put a damper on our joy, take heart in the many who bless us daily with the gift of sustenance that our soul yearns for.

  2. Thank you rabbit for taking the time to rant. It was a rant I wanted to read and I concur with you just from having given hikers a ride around the closed trail near casa de luna. I am happy when the hikers I pick up have by passed casa de luna and will take a ride to where the trail opens up again below lower shake camp ground etc. Take care