Monday, June 20, 2016


"Leave city, leave reality; enter forest, enter fantasy!"
Mehmet Murat ildan

Turning my back on reality and living in fantasy, hiking the PCT. I suppose one could make that point. I would argue, that in fact I am facing the reality of life and its conclusion, death. I am hiking to live. While at the same time, the vastness of the wilderness around me, is a reminder of the minute space I fill in time. Trees and mountains on the PCT have existed for thousands of years prior to me and will exist for thousands of years after me.

I would say that I am rejoicing in the human spirit, the physical being, the emotional and mental capacities.
Uncovering the beauty surrounding me and perhaps residing in me.

Search out your trail, it is there...

It's Saturday nite and I am camped out next to a flowing stream at the edge of Crabtree Meadows. It's been a glorious day living this wilderness fantasy. Flowing streams, green meadows, snow capped mountains.

Numerous wildlife on trail today. A pica (worth a Google search), two herds of deer 10-15 in each, two large bucks(male deer) and a ton of marmots.

As always , thanks for reading 😊
Rabbit on the PCT


  1. Beautiful pictures. A beautiful place to be on the Summer Soltice.

  2. I just read your posts to your mom. She said she will pick you up in Yosemite. Just let her know when and what time. Love you

  3. "Search out your trail, it is there" love that