Thursday, May 19, 2016

Short 9 and Pie

Out early this morning , 9 miles and a hitch (using the old thumb for a ride) to Julian. Moving along , just me and my shadow.

A glorious morning, soft breezes, and a clear path.

Hitched a ride moments after putting thumb out😊 A Retired sheriff with women issues. I commiserated with him all the way to Julian.

Granny's Cafe, free apple pie and ice cream for hikers😮 The retired sheriff bought my coffee. Guess I could say, I got issues, but women and apple pie ain't one of them.

Spending the hot part of day in Julian and then heading out to do another 5-10 miles with new trail mates.

Sponsor shoutout, the UCAN hydration mix is kicking butt. Hydration hasn't been a problem.

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing , but I haven't had a need to use my CatHole UL as yet. So, a shoutout to Art's Backpacking 360. At least the trowel is so light I haven't noticed it.

Rabbit on the PCT

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  1. Sounds like the PCT rabbit has hit his stride.