Saturday, May 14, 2016

San Diego bound

As soon as I dropped my pack at the conclusion of the Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon hike in April, I knew, I couldn't return to my personal training business routine, I couldn't return to training without a "why" , I couldn't allow my pack to sit another year unused.

That inner knowledge is why I am San Diego bound. I am Pacific Crest Trail bound. I am adventure bound.

No lofty goals of finding myself. Not sure I could stand what I found. To be sure, a journey of 2650 miles, covering 3 different states will provide ample time for discovery. Being receptive to all that the trail offers will be the "why" of this, my journey.

Goodbye Texas! Home to a pride displayed on homes , hearts and lifestyles. A pride, a native Californian like myself, can not fully understand, but totally appreciate. As I travel from Mexico to Canada I will proudly claim Texas as my home. I will endeavor to display the kindness and love that was bestowed on me by Texans.

Hello California! My native home. I am hungry for your deserts , mountains and valleys.

Thanks y'all for reading
-Rabbit on the PCT

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