Friday, May 20, 2016

Milestones, etc.

Life is full of milestones to be checked off or not. Finish kindergarten, have a beer with your dad, get a date with the school principal.

The PCT much like life, has milestones.
Finishing the first 100 miles, complete with blisters on your feet, the start of a beard and really bad body odor. I checked off all the above today.

There are photos one must take to capture each decade of life. The picture with mom, dad and whoever else is available at the time. The picture with the first date. The first car (well at least in my generation). Your first Holy Communion (if your catholic).

The PCT also has photos that one must take to capture each section of the trail. Today it was Eagle Rock.

The stats;
Hiked 24 miles today. Now spending nite in the tiny town of Warner Springs, at mile 109. Sharing space with about 20-30 other tents at the local community center.

As always thanks for reading.
Rabbit on the PCT


  1. Your mom says be careful and don't hike but yourself. Ricky laughed about the skirts. Safe travels.