Sunday, July 17, 2016


"Instead of giving someone a piece of your mind, give someone the peace of your mind"
Fortune Cookie

The last few days on the trail have found me struggling to be at peace. And if the truth be known, I've struggled my whole life, with finding that feeling of peace.

Yesterday, I was climbing along a particularly steep section of trail up to Tinker Knob, when I was stopped in my tracks. A Cold Play song streamed thru my headset. The lyric, "I counted all my demons, and found I had one for every day", kept streaming thru my head. Mile after mile....

So, there it is, the struggle that goes on at this point of the journey called the Pacific Crest Trail. The physical challenge , the sensory overload, the mental demands.
Will the journey help me to define, deal with and cast away my demons.... That has yet to be determined ... As for now, I will hike on.......

The rest of the Cold Play lyric,

"I put the good ones on my shoulders, and threw the other ones away".....

Thanks again for reading.....
Rabbit on the PCT

My trail angel and friend Tom dropped me off at top of Donner Pass Summit. My old cycling buddy Ed just happened to be riding by the summit this Sunday morning.


  1. I am so proud of you in this moment! I envy you the courage to take this journey. I'm not sure that my soul would survive all of the mental turmoil and anguish of dealing with my own daily "demons". I have learned a lot through your posts and your journey and I will treasure that newfound knowledge. Thank you for being my guide. Now, go home!!!!

  2. hi Gilbert. we met, chatted about many things at KM and met again somewhere on the JMT maybe Kearsarge perhaps. cant remember. but did enjoy your company. thanks.
    im still going and all is well. stay safe!! enjoy your life and remember you are a long time time dead.
    creamy the brit!